The company

The company

Gobilab’s mission is to offer people and companies an innovative and attractive solution to drink water at the office and in the street, without creating waste.

We manufacture responsible products that are fashionable and can get widely adopted. Our product creation process is led by a preventive eco-design approach : every decision is taken based on the environmental impact estimation and the strict application of precautionary principle to protect Human health. We manufacture our products in our country and work with disabled workers to assemble them. We develop open-source services to maximize product use and increase our impact, such as eaupen, the free application that geolocalizes tap water everywhere.

Gobilab is here to offer its customers innovative solutions to change their ways, in an active and positive manner. We create attractive, better alternatives to regular goods, as we know that the desire for improvement has always been a driving force for innovation.
Our Company was created on June 2010 with our first product, “Gobi”. “Gobi” is our idea to replace disposable cups and small bottles.
Gobilab is the result of our various characters, several journeys and a mix of passions about politics, questioning on society, sustainable development, web, mobilization, and also innovative communication.
We wish for Golilab to be a creative, inclusive company, at the image of our product “Gobi”, which is the fruit of the energy of our surroundings as well as all the people whose helped us. Our final ambition is to continue to question our ways of life and conditions in order to create alternative that are less taxing for the environment and more efficient for society.
Golilab workers also work as consultants for other companies on various fields..

the partners


Florence Baitinger

#SocialIdentity #Mobilisation #Concertation #Collaborations #Communities #Stakeholders #SocialMedia
Creation of innovative CSR strategies, new collaborative practices, social business partnerships and associated communication approaches.
Lawyer, graduated from CELSA in corporate communication, I worked in an agency for 9 years before co-founding Gobilab in 2010. As director board, I accompanied parliamentarians, public institutions, NGOs and large companies in their speaking engagements and mobilization efforts. Since 2010, I built the project and awareness of Gobilab to institutional audiences, B2B customers and the general public. I live in parallel freelance missions on my subjects of expertise fed my practice and my entrepreneurial connections.


Xavier Moisant

#Web #SocialMedia #PlanningDigital #Mobilisation
My experience combines general management of companies or business units and consulting in Internet strategy for institutional, political or international groups..
Communication teacher and trainer


Samuel Degrémont

#Web #Tools #SocialMedia #PlanningDigital #ProjectManagement #Slasheur

Strategy Consulting & Communication
Deploy brands on the web (strategy, tools, project management), support their words taken on the social web (strategy, positioning, content, deployment, animation). Promote (setting up web media strategy, SEO, Community Management).
Innovation, Environment, Sustainability, Eco-design, Design, Mobilization, Logistics, social media, web 2.0, internet. Design, business strategy deployment.
Communication Trainer