Gobi was eco-designed by applying the precautionary principle: no BPA and no migration into the water!

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Made in France

Made in our homeland (France) , Gobi is injected and then mounted in the Val-de-Marne.

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To fit your mood, Gobi changes very easily.

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Gobi is designed to last several years.

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For companies and communities

Gobi is the perfect solution to equip your employees and replace disposable cups.
Gobi is also a popular business gift.
Find out how Gobi can save you money.



40 cl
À partir de 15 €.

Mini Gobi

25 cl
À partir de 12 €.

"Since 2011 we have decided to offer Gobis to people we appreciate. It is both an opportunity to thank our community and also to make them discover this original and responsible product that display a quite rate feature: Besides being environmentally friendly, it looks good! When we gift this, people are surprised and happy, and when we meet them again, let it be on social networks or in real life, they then speak about their "Gobi" or "I love my Gobi! " or" I have customized my Gobi "... and of course their outstanding tap water consumption."

Sébastien Ravut, Les marchés citoyens

"Nous avons déployé le dispositif en tout premier lieu au sein de notre agence lyonnaise et le Gobi a été adopté immédiatement par la totalité des collaborateurs, très sensibles aux problématiques environnementales."

Christine Julien, Directrice de la Communication Groupe SQLI

"We realized that we had saved a ton in terms of plastic waste, at 100 employees using Gobi daily. This also corresponds to a budget saving of 6000 Euro."

Christine Martin, GeoPost

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