Significant benefits for both your company and its employees.

Significant benefits for both your company and its employees.

For employees – health, environment and design
It promotes hydration containing 40 cl. of water, equivalent of 3 to 4 cups.
It is easy to transport to work meetings and outside.
Added advantage : It does not spill on your computer or anywhere, contrary to regular cups.
It is easily distinguishable among your colleagues’ Gobis thanks to customization.

For employees – health, environment and design

-A concrete and simple action to enable waste prevention (Priority ADEME, Grenelle Law and the European Union).
-Sustainable Development that directly involves every employee, as they use an average of 3 cups per day, or about 650 per year! These represent 2.6 kg of waste, each year, which would have been incinerated and buried, which we can be avoid by adopting Gobi.

Gobi targets waste reduction at the source: decreasing the use of “disposable” bottles and cups in companies with “Eaupen”.

Additionally, Gobi is a very effective means of information to raise awareness about the consumption of tap water, resource consumption in general and the importance of fighting against waste.

The deployment of Gobi is also accompanied by “Eaupen” deployment, our initiative to map free water access points and make them available on mobile phones.
Gobi is an initiative that may be proposed as part of deployment plans for local waste prevention programs.

For communities

Our initiative to map every access points to free water. Available on mobile phones.
Eaupen is available on iOS, Windows Phone and Android.
Visit website for Eaupen.

For all quantities.

For companies as well as communities, we offer a full range of customization, delivery and communication around Gobi’s integration.

Our offer includes custommized Gobis, a communication kit, free registration on
You are usually delivered between 5 to 10 business days after your order.

We will give you our rates on request.

If you prefer, instead of buying , you may subscribe to us, with prices starting at 0.96 Euros per employee per month.


For quantities below 100 Gobi we designed 3 Packaged and economic deals:


30 Gobi

375 € (without taxes)

Delivered to you


60 Gobi

750 € (without taxes)

Delivered to you


90 Gobi

1140 € (without taxes)

Delivered to you


Since 2011,

we have furnished Gobis to more than 800 businesses, including:

  • AmazonAmazon
  • OperaOpera
  • SanofiSanofi
  • AccentureAccenture
  • googlegoogle
  • AllianzAllianz
  • BestWBestW
  • EliorElior
  • LagardereLagardere
  • LaPosteLaPoste
  • QuikQuik
  • VuittonVuitton
  • SurfriderSurfrider

Promotional Marketing

Are you a retailer specialized in advertising objects, and looking for an intelligent, eco-designed product which also happen to be manufactured in France?