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Gobilab is very proud to equip all #COP21 delegates to prevent a huge amount of waste and CO2 emissions – as all individual Gobi users already do since 4 years.

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4 kg of waste !
1 Gobi = 4kg of waste prevented /year /person ! We are now  200’000 #ProudGobiusers @gobilab #Climatechange #Cop21


1'000 CO2 Tons !
Since 2011 all Gobi users prevented 1000 tons of #CO2 ! #ProudGobiUsers depuis 2011 ! #Cop21 #ClimateChange @gobilab


... and Barack !
I was a #ProudGobiUser before #BarackObama ! @gobilab #COP21 #WasteReduction #ClimateChange


25x the Tour Eiffel height !

Every year in France we throw away 25x theTour Eiffel height in disposable cups
Proud to save  some #TourEiffel avec @Gobilab #proudgobiusers


GobiSelfie !

#ProudGobiUser : I prevent 3kg of CO2 and 4kg of waste by using my Gobi ! #COP21 #WasteReduction with @gobilab



Discover the #ProudGobiMakers !

Share Gobi with your organisation !
Gobi was created to replace the tons of disposable cups that are thrown away in offices. 700 public, private and non-profit organisations have already adopted Gobi and offered them to their teams, clients and partners.
You think your organisation would like to hear about Gobi ? You will find all key information here and we will be happy to answer all questions on hola@gobilab.com
Thank you :)
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