Gobi. 25cl (8.5oz). Reusable. Economic.


Gobi was eco-designed by applying the precautionary principle: no BPA and no migration into the water!

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Made in France

Made in our homeland (France) , Gobi is injected and then mounted in the Val-de-Marne.

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To fit your mood, Gobi changes very easily.

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Gobi is designed to last several years.

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Le Mini Gobi

Gobi can hold 25cl (8.5oz.) of water

It weighs 123 grams (0.27 lbs.)

Its transparent material is BPA-free. It is 18 cm long (22 cm if considering the handle).

The colored part of the bottom is the Tag is available in several colors and is interchangeable.

Gobi includes an interior window in which you can insert a Gobicard.




We applied a precautionary principle to the choice of materials to offer a bottle that is transparent, solid but also safe for its users:
– First, with the help of a specialized researcher, by defining a list of compounds and additives to avoid for Gobi (no Bisphenol A, and not the other 64 elements)
– Then by carrying out migration tests in independent laboratory on new material and then simulation after 600 wash cycles.

Manufacturing and assembly in France

The Gobi is made in France. It is manufactured using plastic injection process, in Val-de-Marne.

The Gobi is then transported 500 meters from the injection site to be assembled by members of ESAT (French Support and Work Assistance Establishment) before being shipped individually (for individual orders) or collectively (for B2B orders).


The more you customize an object, the more you identify to it and use it!

Easy customization was one of our goals in the design of Gobi: you can change the inner Gobicard very simply, to match your taste or mood.

Two steps: Unclip the Tag (the colored part), switch the card, clip it again. It’s that easy.
Share with us your card creations and get ideas on our website !


The average French employee consumes about 650 cups per year, at a cost of around € 15 – and a weight of 2.6 kg (5.74 lbs.)
The average French also consumes on average 70 Small bottles per year, weighing about 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs.) and cost about € 100.
Switching to Gobi equates to participating in waste reduction. The more you use Gobi, you less waste you generate and more you save money ;)

= 650= 2.6 kg ≈

= 70 = 1.5 kg ≈



Dishwasher compatible

Hygiene is very important to use Gobi for a long time without risk.
Here are a few washing tips:
– If you did not use it the day before, Rinse Gobi with 10 ounces of water.
– Wash Gobi once a week with a dishwasher or by hand or with a brush, by using a few drops of dishwashing liquid (one that is safe for the environment, preferably).
By following these guidelines, you do not have to worry about the hygiene of your Gobi.